Straight from the bee hives (100% pure honey)

Sweet Honey: This Honey is produced by the Indian Honey Bee (Apis Cerana Indica) which is smaller in size than the Rock Bee and is present mainly in the Southern and North eastern regions of India. This Honey will have a sweet taste with a touch of sourness. We again do not process or ultra filter this Honey which in turn preserves all the benefits of the Honey. 

Naturally Spiced/flavoured Honey: We also infuse certain beneficial spices like Tulsi, Ginger, Cinnamon etc with pure raw Honey to enhance the taste and also to improve the health and medicinal benefits of our Honey. Tulsi Honey for example is good for any kind of Kapha related imbalances eg: sore throat, coughing, sinus problems etc. Ginger Honey helps in digestion and improves the overall functioning of the digestive system. Cinnamon Honey helps in relieving excess fats and fluids from the body and helps towards weight loss.