Onion food and agriculture

We Produce Following Organic Products Suitable for Agriculture in Organic Way: The Product consists of 90 % HUMIC ACID & 10 % POTASSIUM.

HUMIC ACID – It resists the plant’s leaves to become yellowish. It helps to produce molybdenum protein, which is a natural carbonic mineral & which helps to become soil more active & fertile.

POTASSIUM – It helps to grow plants fast. It prevents the black spot on leaves. It also prevents the trunk & leaves to become reddish & /or yellowish.

Bahubali zyme: The Product consists of COW URINE (4%), SEA ALGAE (7%) POTASSIUM HUMET (5%), FULLWIK (1%) along with the desired mixture of PROTEINS, HORMONES, and ENZYMES.

Organic growth promoter: The Product consists of COW URINE, SEA ALGAE, POTASSIUM HUMET, ORGANIC HORMONES, AZOTOBECTOR, RIZOBACTOR, AMINO ACID, etc. mixed in the desired level to make Bahubali organic growth promoter.

Silicon granules: The Product consists 60 % Silicon.

Soil conditioner: The Product consists rich portion of Calcium, Magnesium & Sulphur.

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